Eric is a Burundian national with deep experience in health strategy, program design, and behavior change in resource-poor settings. 

Eric played a key role in the development of Burundi’s 2006-2010 and 2011-2015 National Health Plans as a senior health advisor to Burundi’s Ministry of Health. His work focused on supporting public healthcare providers in delivery of quality care at each level of the healthcare system. In addition, he helped Burundi to elaborate the National Strategic Plan for Community Health, by creating new approaches to field intervention, aimed at introducing innovative strategies of behavioral and organizational change. Before that role, Eric was responsible for the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of health services in the province of Bururi and worked as a general practitioner. Eric has also presented widely, notably on new approaches to financing healthcare in resource-poor settings at the Ottawa Charter conference in Vancouver, Canada in 2007. 

Eric holds an MD from the University of Burundi’s Faculty of Medicine and a Master’s in Community Health from the University of Laval, in Quebec, Canada. His thesis subject was “Determinants of condom use in first- and second- generation African and Caribbean immigrants in Quebec.” Eric was awarded a World Bank/Japan Scholarship to support his Master’s studies.