Camber Collective—formerly Hope Consulting and SwitchPoint—has led the Money for Good series of research since 2009.

$FG I (2010) produced a comprehensive study of donor behavior, motivations, and preferences for charitable giving and impact investments.

$FG II (2011) examined how individuals, foundations, and advisors research nonprofits, and what information packaging or channel might result in increased giving to high-performing nonprofits. 

$FG 2015 identifies the segments of donors most likely to increase and/or shift their giving, strategic interventions to change those segments’ behavior, and opportunities to use three giving channels—workplace giving, point of sale giving, and donor-advised funds—to further increase, shift, and improve giving.

$FG Trials applied $FG findings in real-life examples to evaluate how applying $FG 2015 insights affects donor engagement and giving, understand what it takes for organizations to integration $FG, and identify implications for the field for driving a step change in Americans’ giving behavior.